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Welcome to SeismicZone

SeismicZone, powered by Katalyst, is the industry’s first 24/7 online marketplace for browsing and licensing seismic data. Geoscience buyers and sellers can take advantage of the ability to


• Instantly view readily available seismic data
• Reduce cycle time and improve the overall licensing experience
• Locate, target and license in hours instead of days or weeks
• Easily access data anytime from your desktop


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SeismicZone is a dynamic site with information and data updated on a regular basis. Data will be continuously added as more data becomes available for license. Chances are if you don’t see something in your area today, you will sometime soon.

Frequent Updates
See the most recent data available from oil and gas companies. SeismicZone has the right data,
right now.
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Video Tutorial Help
View a full list of video tutorials provided to help users get started and perform advanced functions.
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