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About SeismicZone℠

SeismicZone is a technology driven e-commerce marketplace supported by a dedicated team of upstream data professionals with the single minded goal of applying technology and seismic expertise to accelerate the E&P decision making processes through online marketing of quality assured seismic data.

With today's active unconventional shale exploration, E&P Companies are looking for faster and more efficient methods for acquiring and divesting prospect data. And e-commerce, which has led to the development of virtual marketplaces (where suppliers and buyers are brought together to conduct mutual trade) is being used more and more by E&P Companies as a tool to reduce internal costs and improve time to market.

SeismicZone, powered by Katalyst Data Management ®, is the first open transaction based e-commerce site which connects geo-science buyers and sellers to Katalyst's Best of Breed data management practices for the purpose of 24/7 access to quality checked seismic data. Our team, which is comprised of seasoned geoscientists and data management professionals, brings a wealth of knowledge focused solely on providing quality seismic data when and where you need it.

We recognize that improved market visibility and accelerated processes is the future of seismic brokering... and the key to lower costs, quicker decision making and increased sales to E&P companies. SeismicZone accomplishes this by applying modern technology and unparalleled data management practices to the business of licensing seismic data. Our sole focus is to provide:
  • Higher market visibility to seismic data using web based tools
  • Vast quantities of quality checked seismic stored digitally in secure infrastructure
  • Automated online processes for faster, more efficient transactions
  • Sales and Trade tracking module for internal sales administration
  • Fast, secure distribution of quality checked seismic to buyers
  • Reduction in internal oil company brokering cycles and overhead